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Cyber Monday, Pay It Forward

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As we sink deeper into our credit-laden consumer cesspool, with Black Friday followed by Cyber Monday, I wonder what we could do that is more thankful for the gifts we have gotten and give a compounding gift of giving. 

Something always bothers me about this time of year, it never seems to be the spirit of the holidays you find in your friends and families, but what the markets want of us.  Most everyone has these feelings, methinks.

This year they holiday spending spree is the last test of our economy, which has been driven by the up to recently largest consumer economy.  Odds are, however, that the credit crunch will ripple into waves next quarter with wide impact. 

I'll admit to making a long awaited purchase Friday despite the crowds (leveraging a Consumer Reports blog post, price comparison presented as evidence in my mobile wiki for competitor price matching by a seller with a better service reputation, not on credit, but is an aside disclosure) [..]

Ross Mayfield le 27.11.07 à 06:02 dans Wikisphère - Version imprimable
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