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Le Projet

• NOUVEAUTE : nous republions désormais directement les billets de certains blogueurs de la wikisphère. 2 avantages : pour vous, plus d'actualité ; pour nous, plus de temps pour la réflexion et les synthèses...
• Ce projet a pour but de démocratiser l'usage des wikis pour les individus ainsi que les entreprises et de traiter de l'actualité des wikis.
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Enterprise Gap

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Mark Masterson highlights the need for Enterprise 2.0 to work with Enterprise 1.0:...This is interesting, and it addresses real concerns -- in a brief conversation recently triggered by my post, a CSC CTO said to me that one of his biggest concerns is the potential for silos of information that are (but shouldn't be) isolated from one another. In other words, he's just as concerned about there being useful information in some blog or wiki, that some Enterprise 1.0 user needs but can't get access to, as the other way around. The BEA software looks to be aimed at solving the Enterprise 1.0 -->> Enterprise 2.0 gap, and not the other way around. Nevertheless, it is interesting to see that people are thinking about this.Fear not, Mark.  We're trying to get it right this time.

No Enterprise 2.0 company in their right mind would want to be an island, no matter the paradise.  Most of us began working on interop even when our own apps were half-baked.  RSS, Atom and other ad hoc standards proliferated.

But while we make an effort to work with existing enterprise architecture (e.g. Socialpoint), we'll stay on the side of the web.  Because the web as a platform compounds innovation that eventually makes itself into legacy architecture.  Just look at the amount of enterprise applications leveraging RSS and Ajax [..]

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