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Launched Socialtext Signals and Socialtext Desktop

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By now, you might have seen some of the buzz from our launch of Socialtext Signals (video) and Socialtext Desktop (video). I really encourage you to try the new Adobe AIR app, a whole new way to use Socialtext. The official press release is here and here is what our customers are saying: And what the press and blogosphere is saying:

Socialtext Collaboration Platform Gains Microblogging - PC World "Each communication and collaboration tool demands a different degree of effort and attention. Writing a Signals entry is a small gesture, so by itself it generates a small amount of value. But put together with everyone else's gestures, you get a collective view of what's going on, which is important for companies that want to execute better," Aparicio said.Socialtext Brings Status Updates to the Enterprise - Mashable  Frankly, Socialtext’s approach makes a lot more sense than some of what we’ve seen so far in the “Twitter for business” market. By connecting status updates with a broader suite of business applications and activity streams, it would seem to make connecting the right people and information easier, versus needing to use yet another application. Of course, it also means you need to implement Socialtext within your organization, which is a decision that will be based on a lot more than just its microblogging features.Socialtext Adds Twitter-like "Signals" And a Desktop AIR App - yet another sign that this will be the year of the activity stream, Socialtext is adding a Twitter-like message stream to its enterprise wiki/workspace service, The new feature is called Socialtext Signals, and it appears both as a widget in the Socialtext dashboard and as a standalone desktop app built on Adobe AIR.

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