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One Wiki, Best of Both Worlds

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Back in November, Andy shared a great wiki case study from Avenue A | Razorfish.  They adapted to meet their needs.  Leveraging open source, a great approach for a company that builds custom Intranets.

But Jeff Walker of Atlassian Confluence, a commercial wiki vendor, disagrees:It strikes me that if Razorfish invested all this effort and money, then the question needs to be asked: Is Mediawiki an enterprise wiki? Certainly not out of the box. One full-time intern and two part-time developers is at least $50-100K for one year! Probably the latter number. Mediawiki in this instance became an enterprise wiki but only after considerable work.To which Shiv Singh of Razorfish replies:… Our wiki did not take a full year to build and the part-time developers were bench resources. In other words, it did not cost us $100,000 as Jeffery implied. Furthermore, enterprise 2.0  as coined by Andrew is not about cost but about what the software does for its users and how they shape the software themselves.

Commercial enterprise 2.0 software like Socialtext, Brainkeeper and Atlassian Confluence are great options for some business scenarios and we often recommend them to our own clients. But in other cases, simply modifying open source sofware can get an organization what it needs. Furthermore, by modifying mediawiki we were able to get exactly what we needed. Most importantly, by virtue of how it is being used, we know that it is social software in an organization - and that's the most important part of an enterprise 2.0 solution.Anu Gupta of sometimes Confluence reseller and otherwise nice guys Headshift attempted to comment (as did I and I'm stealing the structure of this post from Anu):Shiv - not sure I agree with you… I think you’re lucky (or unlucky) in having bench resource available - a lot of companies aren’t in that situation and have a constant battle to get developer time. So, faced with that situation - what is the cost of having 2 developers available, part time, to develop and look after your mediawiki instance over 18 months ? Secondly, would spending the relatively small amount on an unlimited license for Confluence ($8,000) or Socialtext, and getting out of the box AD integration, search and granular permissioning, represent better value than developing it from scratch ? Also, developing inhouse commits you to a codebase that with an audience of just yourselves (until you release it out to the community ?).I can see both sides here.  Jeff's point is that wasn't designed for Intranet use out of the box.  I believe there is truth to this, that will always be optimal for running a public online encyclopedia or similar community. [..]

Ross Mayfield le 21.02.07 à 01:00 dans Wikisphère - Version imprimable
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