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The Search for Trust

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Blake Ross of Mozilla chides Google for giving preferential placement to their own apps as "Tips" in search results.

The tips are different—and bad for users—because the services they recommend are not the best in their class. If Google wants to make it faster and easier for users to manage events, create a blog or share photos, it could do what it does when you search GOOG: link to the best services. To prevent Google from being the gatekeeper, the company could identify the services algorithmically.

If you guess where I am going with this, you are probably wrong.

Blake's argument is right, in that Tips subvert Google's mission statement, is a breach of trust, degrades the relevance of search, is outside being a customer of their own advertising and amounts to a new age of bundling with the deception of choice.

But wait, there is more.  This could be seen as a commercial interest defining a default.  As much as it pains me to point it out, doesn't the Firefox browser offer the Google browser as the default due to revenue incentives?

I believe search and access to search should be a democratic function.  Whenever market markets are left to their own devices to determine access to information, the result is arbitrage conditions that hamper innovation, yield profit to the few and stunt principles as core as freedom of speech and assembly [..]

Ross Mayfield le 27.12.06 à 06:56 dans Wikisphère - Version imprimable
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