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Unpacking the Sound Bite

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Mike Gotta rightly points out that there is more to the story than what I said in the 5 minute outtake from my panel on Enterprise 2.0:A quick video snippet from the conference can be found below (enjoyable to watch over morning coffee). Some comments:

Ross makes a point on "enterprise 2.0 tools" changing organizational culture. While there is clearly an co-relationship between tools and cultural change, tools themselves do not change culture. You can throw blogs out there and see them succeed or fail - there is no defacto guarantee of cultural change. Cultural change does not rest with technology alone - other methods and practices that address organizational dynamics are equally (I would argue more) important. Change is a complex choreography and as new ways of doing things takes shape, new tools are one facet of that emergence. So tools can indeed help enable all types of transformation (expected and unexpected), but there is no silver bullet, you need to do more than deploy technology.I think Mike knows how I (and Socialtext) value practices as a more than necessary condition for deriving value from tools.  But I'll also make one argument, about how the change in tools may be deterministic for changing culture and about cultural spillover [..]

Ross Mayfield le 19.04.07 à 20:36 dans Wikisphère - Version imprimable
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About Me « Enterprise 2.0 - Teaching, Learning, Sharing, Collaborating : "The 100% guaranteed easiest way to do Enterprise 2.0?Unpacking the Sound Bite"

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