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Un projet coopératif pour construire le PointWiki

Le Projet

• NOUVEAUTE : nous republions désormais directement les billets de certains blogueurs de la wikisphère. 2 avantages : pour vous, plus d'actualité ; pour nous, plus de temps pour la réflexion et les synthèses...
• Ce projet a pour but de démocratiser l'usage des wikis pour les individus ainsi que les entreprises et de traiter de l'actualité des wikis.
• Abonnez-vous à notre fil si vous disposez d'un lecteur de nouvelles.

Wiki + Spreadsheet = SocialCalc

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When I co-founded Socialtext over five years ago, the insight was that tools emerging on the consumer web had better social dynamics than enterprise software, were a fun way to get things done and could be adapted to the context of an organization.  I'm proud to finally see our partnership with Dan Bricklin come to fruition (see his post, and the history of the project) -- and the result is something truly new and solves real distributed multi-group collaboration problems.

Many at the conference told me was the best thing they saw, one said finally, a real Enterprise 2.0 application.  I'm not afraid of overstating the difference and potential of :

Most people play email volleyball with Excel attachments, spreadsheet hell, where its hard to work off of the latest version and error rates are as high as 90%.  Recently, web spreadsheets have turned it into tetherball, but they largely are reimplementing a single worksheet on a single webpage [..]

Ross Mayfield le 15.06.08 à 20:37 dans Wikisphère - Version imprimable
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