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Un projet coopératif pour construire le PointWiki

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• NOUVEAUTE : nous republions désormais directement les billets de certains blogueurs de la wikisphère. 2 avantages : pour vous, plus d'actualité ; pour nous, plus de temps pour la réflexion et les synthèses...
• Ce projet a pour but de démocratiser l'usage des wikis pour les individus ainsi que les entreprises et de traiter de l'actualité des wikis.
• Abonnez-vous à notre fil si vous disposez d'un lecteur de nouvelles.

Wiki Wednesday: Challenges in Creating Customer Facing Wikis

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We have a special guest and topic for Wiki Wednesday this week.Companies are engaging wikis to create customer communities and managing customer relationships, usually to capture customer ideas for new products and services or to provide support for existing ones. Creating customer facing wikis can be challenging and easily results in failure or only marginal success. Reviewing several cases of customer facing wikis, the presentation draws conclusions about success and failure factors in the implementation of customer facing wikis.

Christian Wagner is Professor of Information Systems at City University's Information Systems Department. He received his Ph.D. in Business Administration from the University of British Columbia in 1989. Thereafter he spent seven years as a faculty member at the University of Southern California, before joining City University in January 1996. Wagner specializes in the development and study of decision support systems, creativity support, and knowledge management with wikis and weblogs.The event is a brown bag lunch at Socialtext in Palo Alto.  Sign up on the wiki or Upcoming.org.

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